Serenity vs Calamity

I attended a meeting today where the topic was “Serenity”. As usual, any meeting is a good meeting. It seems like most compared the word or feeling(s) of serenity in comparison to calamity. Most stated that they would rather be serene, than to consistently live in calamity. Here is my experience, strength, and hope on this topic.

As I shared I stated that even as a young teenager I was restless, irritable, and discontent. I would dwell on the negative and eventually, I found alcohol. Alcohol made be feel better – for awhile… for a long while. I am still amazed that so many other people (the so-called normal types) didn’t find alcohol to help ease the often blown-out-of-proportion problems and pain that seemingly plagued us alcoholics.  Afterall, there are many many people out there who are NOT alcoholics, are are most definitely restless, irritable, and discontent.

The point then was that this negative thinking was more than enough to ‘fuel’ my alcohol addiction. Life had become a roller coaster ride with a strong mixture of alcohol to wash it down.

So what happened when I got sober – put the plug in the jug?  I was still used to this type of living – a twelve pack and roller coaster ride was what made me happy.

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